Trading system “200 on the oncoming line”

r00Trading system is simple and intuitive. However, it requires understanding of middle-term tendencies on the market.

Attention: trading systems uses martingale and can be dangerous to your deposit!

Many aspects of the trading with this system are automatised, so trading with it does not require the constant contact with the trading terminal.

In the end of this article you can download the archive with the trading system. The archive contains:

First of all, copy all files from the archive in the corresponding folders of your MT4 terminal. Apply the profile and templates.


Your terminal should look as follows



The trading system is based on two well-known trading principles:

  • The general tendency of the price (trend) is more likely to continue than to reverse,
  • The price tends to bounce back from the support/resistance levels and, once it breaks through them, often tends to return to these levels.

The trading systems use two timeframes, H4 and M15.

Timeframe H4 is used for:

  • Determination of the support/resistance levels,
  • Determination of the general tendency of the price (trend),
  • Determination of medium-term signals:
    1. Stochastic crossing the overbought/oversold levels,
    2. Divergences on stochastic,
  • Pin-bars.


Timeframe M15 is used for actual trading entries and exits.

M15 Signals for entries:

  • Crossings of the two fast Moving Averages, confirmed by the color of the indicator VF_Trend (red for sell and green for buy),
  • Bounce-off from the H4 support/resistance levels.


If the trading entry was not successful, the position is averaged down with help of Expert Advisor ArgoAverager, with following settings: takeprofit = 55 pt, grid distance = 45 pt, lot multiplicator = 1.55.


Trading time: from 1 hour before till the end of European session. After the end of European session, we do not open any new trades. The existing trades (in loss) are kept and averaged down.


Algorithm for entry:

  • On H4 chart, we determine the general trend and the support/resistance levels in the range 30 – 150 pt from the current price.
  • We set the pending buy limit/sell limit order on the support/resistance levels.
  • We switch to the M15 chart and waiting for signal. If signal is obtained, we open a trade by a market order and remove the pending order.

Examples of entry:

  • On H4, trend down,
  • Divergence on stochastic against the general trend (attention, be careful),
  • Bounce back from a level,
  • Candle with small body shows us indecision of price,
  • Small pin bar from a level



  • Looking for entry on M15, waiting…
  • On M15, crossing of MAs and red VF_Trend,
  • Entry by a market order



Possible actions before the news or before going to sleep:

Assume we have 2 sell orders on the same pair. There are 3 variants:

  • Both orders are in good profit: closing them, or moving them to breakeven (+ several pips).
  • One order in profit, one in loss: closing the one in profit and leaving the one in loss + keeping ArgoAverager that will average down the position if the price moves against it.
  • Both orders in loss: doing nothing, just keeping ArgoAverager.


Exit from the position:

  • By take-profit,
  • By profit as a % to the deposit,
  • According to the situation.


  • For me, an acceptable profit is around 30 pt.
  • When market is favourable, I am using take-profit of 55 pt, but if I see that the price won’t make it to the take-profit, I am leaving earlier.
  • I do not like leaving profitable trades overnight.


Difficult situations:

In difficult situations, I average down position manually, using Expert Advisor ShowBE.



Download Trading system “200 on the oncoming line”

Author: Dmitry aka KROOL1980, Vladimir aka loopsider

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