This project is created by the team of traders, programmers and analytics. Working on the FOREX market since 2008, we are united by passion for automated and algorithmic trading. All aspects of such trading are of immense interest for us: starting with fully automatic mechanical trading systems (trading robots or Expert Advisors) and ending with mechanical assistants that help trader in their everyday routine labor, analyze and present information about the market condition, collect statistics etc. During our work as a team, we created several commercial trading robots, which are successfully trading on real accounts already for several years.

A distinct feature of this project is that it is non-commercial. (According to the known aphorism, “the best things in life come free to us” .) In the course of the years we produced a lot of ideas, codes, robots, which we are ready to share with the interested audience, hoping for a live response, stimulating discussions, exchange of ideas, participating in testing of our robots, searching for optimal settings etc.
We hope that such interaction will be interesting, useful and – eventually – mutually profitable.

It is well-known that a long-living non-commercial project is presently possible only if it is of interest for a broad audience. So, if you like our project and find useful the robots that are created and distributed here – show this! Help us to carry on this project and develop it further. Helping can be done in various ways, depending on your trading experience and financial means: participating in the discussions and testing of robots, searching for new interesting ideas, opening trading accounts at partner brokers or transferring money on one of the wallets of the project.

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