AccountStatArgo: All statistics of your account on one screen.

box_accountstatargoFrom time to time all of us need to analyze the trades that have been made on our account for some period of time. We need this regardless if we are trading manually or with Expert Advisors, or both. Specifically for this purpose we developed a simple utility AccountStatArgo which will tell you all what you need to know about your trades.

Let us think, what kind of information do we need? First of all, we need profit and loss in $ and in pips for each instrument (currency pair) we traded. If we trade manually, this might be all, since individual manual trades are usually not “marked”. However, if trading is done with Expert Advisors, their orders are usually marked by so-called “magic numbers”. Magic numbers, or just magics, are the internal numbers assigned to each trading order, so that Expert Advisor can distinguish his own trades from other trades. In this case, we can sort the trades by currency pair AND by magic. Such table would give us clear information how much profit and loss each of Expert Advisors earned for each of the currency pairs. AccountStatArgo does exactly this: it shows you the statistics of your trades, sorted by currency pair only, or by currency pair and magic.

Note that it is possible to mark the manual trades with magic numbers, too. This might be very convenient if you trade manually two (or more) different strategies and wish to collect statistics on them afterwards. All you have to do in this case is to open your trades by scripts, which assign magic numbers to your trades. In this case, AccountStatArgo will show you the statistics on each of your manual strategies.

This is how it looks like. First regime (UseMagic=FALSE, sorting by currency pair only):
Second regime (UseMagic=TRUE, sorting by currency pair and magic):
The statistics for each entry in the table includes the number of trades, the total profit in pips, the total profit in base currency, the average pips-per-trade value. In the header you can also see the information about your broker and your account as well as the period for which the statistics is collected.

AccountStatArgo collects the statistics for all trades that are visible in the tab AccountHistory of your MetaTrader. If you wish to change the time period, right-click in this tab and select the desired period in the pop-up menu.

Installation instructions:
AccountStatArgo is an Expert Advisor. The EA (.ex4 file) should be copied to \MQL4\Experts\ subfolder of the Data Folder of your MetaTrader 4 terminal. For more information, read How to install a new EA ? Together with EA, we provide a template (.tpl file), which should be copied to \MQL4\Templates\ folder. In order to start AccountStatArgo, select any empty chart, right-click with your mouse, select Template, find AccountStatArgo and select it. You can also find AccountStatArgo among the Expert Advisors and attach it to any chart, but in this case you will have to change colors of your chart to achieve a nice picture.

In order to improve the quality of the picture, open Properties of the chart (F8 -> Common) and uncheck the option “Chart on foreground”.

The main setting is UseMagic, which switches between two regimes of statistics. Beside it, there is the variable that changes the rate of updating (RefreshSeconds) and also variables that allow you to change the font type, the font size, and the geometry of the table.

I hope that this utility will be useful in your daily trading.

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