ArgoCopier: EA for copying trades from one MT4 to another

In our previous article “Trade Copy Expert Advisor extends your trading horizons”, we have explained what is trade copier, how it works and how it can be used in your trading. We also described how to copy trades with a publicly available Expert Advisor TradeCopy.

Many of our readers, however, were not satisfied with TradeCopy and complained that it is not fully reliable, sometimes hangs up and consumes too much computer resources. After some experimenting, we decided that we need our own trade copier, which is free from numerous shortcomings of TradeCopy. This is how ArgoCopier started.

Designing ArgoCopier, we did our best to make it easy-to-use, user friendly, fast and light. We also retained only minimum settings that are necessary for actual trading.

ArgoCopier will be distributed as a commercial software. Today, however, you have the unique possibility to test ArgoCopier for free for six weeks. Free testing of ArgoCopier will be held until May, 28 2015.


General information

ArgoCopier is Expert Advisor that copies trades from one MT4 terminal to another (both MT4 terminals should be located at the same computer). EA consists of two parts: Master EA (working in the terminal FROM WHERE trades are copied) and Slave EA (working in the terminal WHERE TO trades are copied). Master EA transfers all information about open orders on the master account to Slave EA, and Slave EA opens and closes orders on the slave account, aiming to match those on the master account.


  1. Copy Master EA into the MT4 terminal FROM WHERE the trades should be copied. Open menu Files -> Open Data Folder. Copy ArgoCopierMaster_vXX.ex4 into Experts folder and FBQC.dll into Libraries folder.
  2. Copy Slave EA into the MT4 terminal WHERE TO the trades should be copied. Open menu Files -> Open Data Folder. Copy ArgoCopierSlave_vXX.ex4 into Experts folder and FBQC.dll (and, for the mqllock version of copier, ArgoCopierSlave_vXX.dll) into Libraries folder.


ArgoCopier is commercial software. After you purchased the license and communicated us your AccountName, you will obtain the archive with EA that is bound to your AccountName in MT4.

What is the AccountName?


In the example above, the AccountName is Ivan Grozny. Slave EA will work on any trading account with this AccountName. Master EA will be able to work on any account.

In order to obtain the licensed version of EA, you need to tell us ( your AccountName. In case of doubt, use the enclosed script AccountName. Attached to any chart, this script writes the AccountName on the chart (and in the log as well).


First start

After you install Master EA and Slave EA, everything should work OK with the default settings; the lot size of the slave orders will be the same as for the master orders.


Money Management

ArgoCopier supports two modes of the money management, Plain and ScaleByAccountBalance. The MM mode is selected in settings of the Slave EA. In the Plain MM mode, Slave EA takes the lot size of the master order and multiplies it by LotScaleFact. In the ScaleByAccountBalance mode, in addition to that, the lot size is multiplied by the ratio of the Account Balance of the slave account and the master account. So, the slave lot size = (the master lot size) * LotScaleFact * (slave balance)/(master balance).

Note that, if the resulting slave lot size happens to be smaller than the minimal lot size on the slave account, the lot size will be rounded off to the minimal lot size.

Note that all lot sizes are copied in the units of the base currency. In particular, if you are copying between two accounts with different base currency units (e.g., USD and USD cents), actual trading volume might be different. E.g., 0.01 USD cent lot might be copied as 0.01 USD lot.


Features for advanced users

  1. Master EA can copy not all orders on the master account but only part of them. You can apply several filters to select the orders you wish to copy: (i) you can copy only the current symbol, (ii) you can copy only buy or only sell orders, (iii) you can copy only the orders with the specified magic number(s).
  2. Master EA can transfer information not only to one slave, but also to several slaves. In order to manage the traffic, each slave should have a unique name (variable PipeName in the settings of the Slave EA). Master EA should know, to which slaves it should pass the information. For this, the variable PipeName of the Master EA should contain the names of the slaves (separated by comma). Example: you would like to copy trades from the master account to two slave accounts. In one Slave EA we set PipeName = ARGO1, in the second Slave EA PipeName = ARGO2, in the Master EA PipeName = ARGO1,ARGO2. Please note that Slave EA can obtain information only from one Master EA.


Settings of Master EA

PipeName – the name of the Slave(s), where to the information should be passed. Several names should be separated by commas.

Symbols – if ThisSymbolOnly, then only the current symbol will be copied; if AnySymbol, then all symbols will be copied.

BuySell – if Buy, only buy orders will be copied; if Sell, only sell orders will be copied; if Any, both buy and sell orders will be copied.

Magics – if empty, all magics will be copied; if specified, orders with this magic (these magics) will be copied. Several magics should be separated by commas.

PauseMsec – refresh rate (in msec).

PairPrefix – prefix of the pair. Suffix of the pair is determined automatically.

comment_color – font color.

box_color – background color.


Settings of Slave EA

PipeName – slave name (arbitrary, unique).

MMmode – money management mode (Plain or ScaleByAccountBalance).

LotScaleFact – lot scaling factor.

PairPrefix – prefix of the pair. Suffix of the pair is determined automatically.

Magic – magic of orders, opened by Slave EA.

comment_color – font color.

box_color – background color.

Verbose – write in the logs.



We accept also direct payments with WebMoney, PayPal and Skrill. Contact support for details.


Download ArgoCopier ID

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