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argo_soft_8Dear Friends,

Today we announce a free testing of our new forex trading robot, AsA. Within a month testing period, AsA can be used without any restrictions, both on demo and real accounts.

AsA – multicurrency martingale trading robot

AsA forex Expert Advisor  uses a trading strategy based on the Support-Resistance levels (SRLs). AsA places buy limit/sell limit orders on the nearest SRLs outside of the trading channel. In most cases, after triggering the limit order, price retraces, bringing us a quick take-profit. If not, EA places the next order on the SRL, with an increased lot size, aiming for the price retracement. This strategy is the most successful traded during the Asian trading hours, since the begin of the London session usually brings us the retracements of the price need for closing the basket of order by the take-profit.

An essential part of the EA is a news filter. It is not recommended to trade when the news are expected. In the case of really important news, it is recommended to switch off EA for the whole night.

AsA real-live performance monitorings:

Preparations for trading

  1. Attach EA to the M15 chart of the chosen currency pair.
  2. Load the provided preset file (the same for all pairs).
  3. Set the AutoMMEquity parameter (see Money Management).
  4. Set GMT offset of your broker time.
  5. Set the currency switches for the news filter (ReportAllForUSD… ReportAllForCAD).
    Important: the NZD pairs correlate strongly with AUD pairs, so we recommend to enable both ReportAllForNZD and ReportAllForAUD for all NZD and AUD pairs.

Money management

Recommended currency pairs and deposit requirements for starting lot 0.01 (assuming 1 lot = 100,000$) and Asian trading hours:

AUDCHF – $6 000
AUDUSD – $8 000
CADCHF – $4 000
EURAUD – $8 000
EURCAD – $4 000
EURCHF – $8 000
EURGBP – $4 000
GBPCAD – $4 000
GBPCHF – $4 000
GBPUSD – $5 000
NZDCAD – $5 000
NZDCHF – $5 000
NZDUSD – $8 000
USDCAD – $6 000
USDCHF – $5 000

Aggressive trading – $ 3 000 for all pairs.

For automatic money management, set AutoMM = TRUE, LotSize = 0.01, AutoMMEquity = the value specified above for each currency pair.


Download EA: open test is finished


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