EasyArgoScalper is a night multi-pair scalper Expert Advisor (EA)

It trades during the Asian session, when the market activity is minimal.
EA uses a highly flexible and carefully optimized strategy for entering its trades, getting fast profits on the ranging and gently trending market.

A special feature of EasyArgoScalper is usage of the limit pending orders for entering the trades. This minimizes the price slippage, which often happens on the “thin” market during the night hours with other scalper EAs that employ the market orders.


EasyArgoScalper does not use martingale in its trading strategy.

All trading orders have the take-profit and stop-loss levels, which ensures against connection failures with the broker. On each currency pair, only one trading order per direction (buy/sell) is allowed at the same time.
The unique proprietary system of active money management (that can be switched on and off in the settings) analyses the actual history of trading orders and adjusts the volume of the trading orders in accordance to the actual profitability on each currency pair.

EasyArgoScalper complies with the requirements of NFA (National Futures Association). It can be used for trading on small deposits (100$, or even smaller) and small leverages (from 1:10).

The detailed user manual and preset settings for 10 currency pairs are provided with the EA. All updates of the EA and the preset files are free for our users.

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New commercial Expert Advisor by ARGOLab: StrikeFx EA

strike_fx_37Today, we would like to announce our new commercial forex Expert Advisor, StrikeFx. StrikeFx is a multicurrency martingale Expert Advisor (EA) of a new generation. This EA is based on several principles of the conservative martingale trading that were developed by our team in the course of the past years. These basic principles are:

  1. Trade many instruments (currency pairs),
  2. Control the simultaneously traded instruments, in order to minimize the risk of correlated drawdown,
  3. Do not be greedy, take what market gives you,
  4. If one pair runs out of control, fixate the losses early and continue trading.


What are the differences of StrikeFx EA from other martingale EAs (including EAs by ARGOLab)?
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Expert Advisor Tricky Twister – new possibilities

Today I would like to present you our latest development, an important update of the commercial Expert Advisor (EA) Tricky Twister, and discuss new trading possibilities that are opened by this update.  As discussed in the previous article about Tricky Twister, this EA consists of two complementary strategies, the first one (BreakOut) trading the breakout of the price from the price channel, whereas the second (Range) trading the pull-back’s of the price after directional movement. Up to now, we provided for our users two kinds of preset settings for the EA that corresponded to two different trading schemes. The first scheme included simultaneous trading of both strategies for the most liquid pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD. The second scheme relied on trading only the Range strategy for the pairs that are known to stay within some price range for the most part of the time.

Now we are introducing the third trading scheme for Tricky Twister. This new scheme does not replace the previous two but extends the trading possibilities of the EA. Which trading scheme to choose is a matter of taste and preferences of each user and, to a certain extent, a matter of the size of the deposit.

Why do we need a third scheme at all? What is wrong with the first two? The point is that the first two schemes impose rather strict requirements on the minimal size of the deposit. The recommended deposit size was 10,000$ for dollar accounts and 10,000 cents for cent accounts. Our experience shows that most users are trading commercial martingale EAs on deposits of about 1,000$. So, they have to use cents accounts or their equivalents. But it is well known that the trading conditions on cent accounts are much worse than those for regular dollar accounts: quality of execution is lower and spreads are higher. Many good brokers do not provide cent accounts at all.

So, our main goal was to find such settings for Tricky Twister that allow us to trade with deposits of 1,000$ и 2,000$ on a regular dollar account with minimal lot 0.01. We found out that we are able to develop such settings. However, the number of trades in this case will be not very large, so trading one currency pair won’t be very profitable. The solution of this problem is obvious: trading a portfolio of different currency pairs.

So, our new trading concept with Tricky Twister.
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Expert Advisor Easy Walker Fx: each step brings you closer.

easywalkerfx Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2014

Current version: 6.2.0

Producer: ARGO lab

License: commercial

Category: scalper

Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP…

Timeframe: M15

Trading time: Asian session

Minimal deposit requirements:

from 100$ for USD or EUR accounts with minimal lot 0.01

Recommended brokers: AlpariFxOpen, RoboForex

Official web-site:  http://easywalkerfx.com/

With this article we would like to introduce to you our new commercial Expert Advisor Easy Walker Fx . This forex trading robot opens a new chapter in the list of our products. Unlike our previous robots, this EA does not use martingale in its trading strategy. For years, we have been requested by our users to provide “something without martingale but nevertheless profitable in real trading”. Those of you who have some experience with scalpers and other non-martingale EAs know that it is easier said than done. The market today is full with commercial scalpers, most of which proudly display history backtest balance curves with many 100s percents of profit, but which nevertheless are helpless when are facing a real trading surrounding. How many scalpers to you know that earned – confirmed – profit over the last 3 months, in real-money trading? Too few, there are just too few of them.

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Tricky Twister Expert Advisor – two trading strategies in a pack.

Tricky Twister forex Expert Advisor (trading robot) is a commercial product of the ARGOlab team, with the trading history of over a year confirmed by independent monitorings. This Expert Advisor (EA) contains two independent, non-overlapping trading strategies, which can be used together as well as separately. Combining together two complementary trading strategies, this EA is able to trade in the direction of the general trend as well as in the counter-trend regime, thus obtaining steady profits in different market conditions.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2013

Current version: 4.3.2

Producer: ARGO lab

License: commercial

Category: martingale, trend-following and counter-trend


Timeframe: any (trading results do not depend on the timeframe); H1 is a convenient choice

Trading time: 24/5

Entries: first entry by market order, the following entries by pending orders

Minimal deposit requirements:
from 10,000$ for USD or EUR accounts with minimal lot 0.01
from 1,00$ for USD cent or EUR cent accounts with minimal lot 0.1
from 100$ for USD cent or EUR cent accounts with minimal lot 0.01

Recommended brokers: RoboForexForex4youinstaforex,  AlpariFxOpen

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Fx Splitter Expert Advisor – conservative martingale with stable profit.

Fx Splitter Expert Advisor is a commercial product of AgroLab, which was highly appreciated by several hundreds of users during 12+ months from the start of official sales.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2012

Actual version: 5.0.0

Manufacturer: ARGO lab

License Type: Commercial, two trading accounts per license

Category Advisor: a counter-trend, martingale


Timeframe: any (the results do not depend on the timeframe). It is convenient to attach EA to the H1 timeframe.

Trading time: 24/5

Entry type: market orders

Deposit requirements:
from $ 10,000 for USD (EUR) accounts with minimum lot 0.01
from $ 1,000 for cent accounts with a minimum lot 0.1
from $ 100 for cent accounts with minimum lot 0.01

Recommended Brokers:RoboForexForex4youinstaforex,  AlpariFxOpen

Official site: http://fxsplitter.net/

Trading strategy:
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Strategy Quant: create your own Grail.

Every trader on the Forex market dreams to create their own unique trading strategy or an Expert Adviser. Forex trading is often compared with a game of chess. The size of the chess field is quite small and the number of chess pieces is limited – but the number of different combinations of moves is close to infinity. It is similar with trading on the forex market. A backtest of a strategy based on two indicators for the period of 2-3 years by hand will take a few days. It will be faster and more accurate to let your computer to do the job. But what if the trader is not very good at programming in the MQL4 language?

Strategy Quant is a program that automatically generates new unique trading strategies for forex, stocks or CFDs.  Using Strategy Quant, you can find profitable trading strategies for virtually any market, any timeframe and any chart type. No programming skills or trading knowledge is required. You no longer need to pay a programmer to implement your trading ideas.
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