How to get maximum price quotes from your broker? is not a secret that the price feeds of different brokers are different and sometimes quite substantially. You can proof this easily by yourself, by examining two MT4 strategy tester’s reports obtained with the same robot but with different price quotes. What to do with it? From one point of view, a good robot should trade equally well on different (all) price feeds. This well might be but… trading of the same robot on various brokers is different nevertheless.

The reasonable idea is to get the exact price quotes from your broker and test your advisor on them. That is where problems start. We would need M1 timeframe quotes, in order to get modeling quality of 90% in the strategy tester. Higher timeframes, in fact, are not needed, since they can be easily produced from M1. So let us get M1 quotes from our broker.

We will soon see that it is not so easy. Let’s download the new terminal MT4 from the broker Roboforex. Open EURUSD chart with M1 timeframe and press the HOME button, thereby downloading quotes from the broker (you may also use this script if your hand starts to fall off). After some time, M1 chart stops to respond to the Home key, which means that the broker does not allow you to get any more quotes. Check the date – we have downloaded about two months of M1 quotes.
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StatCollect: learn to know the market.

dreamstime_s_222Many of us regularly spend long hours looking at price charts trying to get some clue what the hell the market is doing now and where it will move next. But how much do we actually know about the market? Most traders tend to rely on some subjective conclusions based on their own trading experience and/or dubious wisdom picked up on various forums and chats. Only few traders make attempts to analyze the market basing on some well-defined criteria, and from those who try, only a few get any useful results that can be applied to the actual trading.

Today I will present an example of the market analysis that might be useful for anyone who trades any kind of grid martingale system. Moreover, I will provide a tool that can be used for further investigations of any currency pair you might wish to analyze. It might be that your analysis will be more interesting than mine. Let me know! I will be glad if you share your conclusions and observations on our forum.

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