Trading system “200 on the oncoming line”

r00Trading system is simple and intuitive. However, it requires understanding of middle-term tendencies on the market.

Attention: trading systems uses martingale and can be dangerous to your deposit!

Many aspects of the trading with this system are automatised, so trading with it does not require the constant contact with the trading terminal.

In the end of this article you can download the archive with the trading system. The archive contains:

First of all, copy all files from the archive in the corresponding folders of your MT4 terminal. Apply the profile and templates.
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Public experiment on the extreme trading “200 on the oncoming line”

r00Today we would like to present the results of our pilot public experiment on the extreme trading, made with the trading system “200 on the oncoming line” and with help of Expert Advisors by ARGOLab.

Here is a monitoring of the trading account of the author of the trading strategy (screenshot from 17.12.2014):


As a pilot public experiment, we organized a free 1-month course of extreme trading, performed on live cent accounts of broker RoboForex. The participants were both experienced traders as well as beginners with almost no previous trading experience. The participants received manual with the description of the trading strategy “200 on the oncoming line” and two Expert Advisors by ArgoLab, ArgoAverager and ShowBE. Each participant started with a real deposit of 10$; the goal was to get the maximal profit in 4 weeks. During the 4 weeks of trading course, the participants were receiving trading recommendations, market surveys and general supervising, through a mailing list and communication on the forum. All actual trading decisions were made by participants themselves. Chronology of the experiment can be viewed in the special thread of the forum (in Russian).
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