Forex Edge EA


Trend-following EA, without any magtingale etc.
There are 3 in-built strategies.
The first strategy trades breakouts of the volatility (in the direction of the breakout).
The second strategy increases the position in the direction of the trend after the price pulls back.
The third strategy trades false breakout (fakey), reverting the position.



TF : working timeframe
Period_Slow : short volatility base
Period_Range : long volatility base
Turbo : Turbo mode (more signals)
Threshold : breakout threshold (2 … 3.5)
TP2SL: ratio TP to SL
SLfact: SL in units of volatility
SLmin: minimal SL in pips
SLmax: maximal SL in pisp

Strategy I
UseStrategyI : switch on/off strategy I
NTradesI: max number of orders by this strategy

Strategy II
UseStrategyII : switch on/off strategy II
NTradesII: max number of orders by this strategy
Period_Check: number of bars to be checked
CCI_Period : CCI period
CCI_Level : CCI level
WPR_Period : WPR period
WPR_Level : WPR level (-0 … -100)
MA_period : Envelopes period
MA_shift : Envelopes shift parameter

Strategy III (Fakey)
Fakey : switch on/off strategy III
Period_Fakey: number of bars to be checked (1 … 5)


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