How to get a free VPS from Amazon

If you are trading forex with Expert Advisors, most probably you are using a VPS (Virtual Private Server), or even several of them. There are different services that provide VPS, and some of them are not very expensive, but it is always nice to have something for free. Today I’ll tell you how to get a VPS from Amazon for one year completely for free. It will take you only 20 minutes to finish the registration process if you follow the instructions below.

Let’s begin.
Go to the website Click on “Try AWS for free”.


Choose “I am a new user” and enter your email address


Type your name, e-mail address and create a password


Fill in the following form, captcha and check the box that you agree with the conditions


Then you have to enter the details of your credit card. The card will be charged only if you go over the traffic limits or decide to use the VPS longer than one year.


On the next step you need to enter your contact phone number. After that the system will verify your identity, by making an automated call to the contact number you specified. After you press “Call me now” button, the phone rings and the robot prompts for the PIN code, which is shown on the screen. Type PIN on the keypad of your phone, and you will see on the web-page the confirmation that your identity is verified.

On the next step select the type of support (obviously, the free one) — and registration is completed! Sometimes, Amazon decides to check the credit card by charging it with $1 and then returning it back; in this case you may have to wait a little bit. But in my case it was not needed (probably it depends on a credit card).

So, you have registered at Amazon. But do not relax yet, we have not finished.

Now you can use your e-mail and password to login to your Amazon account on


Select the EC2 icon in the top left corner. This brings you to the control center of the VPS services.


Press “Launch Instance”.

Now you have to choose the operating system. It makes sense to choose the lightest one – in our case it is Windows 2003, 32-bit (it will consume fewer resources).

Now choose the type of VPS (only one is for free, so leave the default choice).

The next screen you can also leave as a default.


Press Launch.

Now the important point! Select the item «Create a new Key Pair»! In the line «Key pair name» enter any letter combination; click on the «Download key pair» button and save the file. The downloaded file will allow you to access a virtual PC via the remote desktop. The downloaded file will have an extension .PEM, so you shall easily recognize it. Store files in a safe place!

We’ve got the message that everything is OK


And one more screen with the information about the new VPS account.

Congratulations! Now you have a virtual PC running!

The only thing that remains now is to figure out how to connect to your virtual PC.

Right-click on the selected line on the previous picture and select «Connect».


For connection you will need to know the User name and the Password. The user name is Administrator by default (later you can always change it), and the password is encrypted. Press the button «Get Password».


To decrypt the password, you need the keys that were created previously. Press “Choose File” and select the .PEM file with keys. Press the button «Decrypt Password». After that you will be able to see your Username and Password.


Write down your password in a safe place. Now press «Download Remote Desktop File» and download the remote access file for the VPS, with the .RDP extension.

Run the downloaded .RDP file. Click Connect, and then connect again. A window opens with a login and password, enter them.



That is ALL! You are connected to the VPS. Let’s go for a beer, you’ve earned it  😉


rewriting: Hannayloopsider

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