Fx Splitter Expert Advisor – conservative martingale with stable profit.

Fx Splitter Expert Advisor is a commercial product of AgroLab, which was highly appreciated by several hundreds of users during 12+ months from the start of official sales.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2012

Actual version: 5.0.0

Manufacturer: ARGO lab

License Type: Commercial, two trading accounts per license

Category Advisor: a counter-trend, martingale


Timeframe: any (the results do not depend on the timeframe). It is convenient to attach EA to the H1 timeframe.

Trading time: 24/5

Entry type: market orders

Deposit requirements:
from $ 10,000 for USD (EUR) accounts with minimum lot 0.01
from $ 1,000 for cent accounts with a minimum lot 0.1
from $ 100 for cent accounts with minimum lot 0.01

Recommended Brokers:RoboForexForex4youinstaforex,  AlpariFxOpen

Official site: http://fxsplitter.net/

Trading strategy:

Trading strategy of Fx Splitter EA is based on the known fact that about 80% time the market stays in the “flat” phase, which means that the price shows no significant movement in either direction, long or short. In the flat phase, the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel. Basing on this observation, Fx Splitter places its first trade against the last movement of the price, assuming that most probably the price is going to return to its average value. This assumption holds with high probability, giving us about 65% profitable trades, which increase our account balance. If the price leaves the trading channel and continues further in this direction, Fx Splitter will add new trades and increase the overall position. When a pull-back of the price occurs, Fx Splitter closes the whole basket of orders or, in some cases, an individual order, depending on the market situation and the selected settings.

The description of the trading strategy so far looks very much similar to that of numerous other martingale EAs, available on the market. So, what is the key feature of Fx Splitter that makes it so different from the other Expert Advisors? The know-how of Fx Splitter is that it places individual trades at fixed intervals of time. When the next time slot occurs, Fx Splitter analyses the market conditions and places a new trade or closes one or several of the existing trades. In other words, the trading logic of Fx Splitter is not static but constantly changing and adapting to the actual market conditions. This approach is very much different from the popular so-called grid martingale method, in which new trades are added to the basket after the price moves a prescribed number of pips.  During market turmoils, the price is known to make very fast swings that may cover hundreds of pips. Such rapid moves of the price can “tear down” any static grid. It is not so with Fx Splitter. During an active market, Fx Splitter opens trades very far from each other, whereas on a weak market, it can open several trades as close as 5 pips.

Another typical problem with the grid martingale trading robots is that they all wait for the price to make a prescribed pull-back in order to close the basket of orders in profit. What if the price will miss the take-profit by a few pips and then continue its trend movement against the basket? This is a typical and very dangerous situation that can lead to “blowing-up” the trading deposit. Fx Splitter has an in-build proprietary algorithm that counteracts such situations. This algorithm involves different kinds of logics for closing the trading orders. During a pull-back of the price, Fx Splitter will close the whole basket of orders if the pull-back is strong enough to bring the whole basket in profit. If the pull-back is too weak, Fx Splitter will close only one or several orders of the basket. In this way, Fx Splitter reduces the load on the deposit in the case the price continues its trend movement after a small pull-back.

Fx Splitter has a very elaborated and flexible system of settings, which can be fine-tuned to allow this EA to trade successfully nearly any currency pair. Trading simultaneously several currency pairs opens wide possibilities for forming different trading portfolio with high profit yields and very moderate risks. At the moment we provide recommended settings for 10 currency pairs; for many pairs settings with different levels of aggressiveness are available. All settings come free of charge for our users. Detailed instructions about starting and configuring Fx Splitter as well as superb technical support are provided.

In future articles, we will discuss how to best use Fx Splitter in your trading and how to form different trading portfolio with this EA.

Numerous live monitorings with Fx Splitter can be found here:


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