stLadies and gentlemen!

The ARGOLab blog ( invites the authors who want to share with the readers their knowledge of the forex market, experience of currency trading and investing.

Our team makes every effort to create many quality materials that may be interesting and useful for both beginners and advanced traders. Nevertheless, our life and trade experience cannot cover all the aspects of such a broad topic as the forex market. In addition, the preparation of an original and high-quality material takes a huge effort. That’s why we have a limit of time and resources for many multitasking affairs.

So, we offer to join the project for all our readers and forum participants. If you have studied a topic in detail and ready to set it out in writing – you’re welcome. We strongly believe that your results could be interesting and useful to a wide audience. If you are experienced in trading strategies, if you are familiar with a market researches, if you have valuable life experience of the trading and investment – just share it with others. This will make our blog interesting and alive! : )

With the best wishes,
ARGOLab Team

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