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ArgoLab does its best to provide a wide choice of opportunities for the users. We are now considering ways to extend the activation methods of our commercial EAs. In our products we are using 5 different activation schemes. In this polling we would like to ask your opinion on which of these schemes are best suitable for you.

Our current activation schemes:

· By the account number, mqllock protection (Forex Warrior, Fx Splitter, StrikeFx, Easy Walker Fx),

· Unique computer ID number, mqllock protection (AsA Fx),

· Mql5 market protection, limited number of activations,

· By the AccountName, the unique user name of the account of your broker (ArgoCopier, Tricky Twister),

· Unique computer ID number, (Forex Warrior PRO).


The most widely used activation scheme in our EAs is the mqllock protection, by the account number or by the computer identification (CID) number. The activation by the account number is preferable for those users that trade on a single account. The EA can be run on any computer (VPS); the account number can be changed on the request by our support team. The EA activated by the CID number can operate only on the activated computer (VPS); on this computer EA can be used on arbitrary number of accounts and MT4 instances; the CID number can be changed on the request. The drawbacks of the mqllock protection are slow backtests and a larger CPU load.

In several our EAs we used also the activation scheme through the MQL5 market. The experience was not very successful. Their system is not suitable for complicated EAs, does not allow proper support of users, updates and preset distribution, has a ridiculous moderation system and many other drawbacks.

A perspective scheme is the activation by the Account Name, which is the user name of the broker account. In this case, EA will work on any account of the activated broker, from any computer/VPS. Advantages of this scheme are also high-speed backtests, minimal load on CPU, no need to contact the external license server.

We would like to know your opinion:

Which activation scheme is preferable for you?

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Would you like to change the activation scheme of your EA?

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For which EA would you like to change the activation scheme?

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