Rythm Fx

Type: fully automatic Forex Expert Advisor

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2017

Producer: ARGO lab

Category: trend-following, soft martingale

Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD…

Timeframe: any (results do not depend on timeframe, H1 is a good choice)

Trading time: 24/5

Entries: by pending orders

Trading strategy

Rythm Fx’s trading strategy belongs to the class of breakout and trend-following trading systems. The strategy also uses martingale in order to compensate losses. First of all, EA determines the trending range, or the trading channel. After that, EA sets pending orders on its borders, buy-stop on the upper border and sell-stop on the lower border. When the breakout occurs, one of the pending orders is triggered and enters the market. If the price continues in the direction of the breakout, the take-profit level is reached and the basket is closed with the target profit. If the breakout turns out to be a false one, a hedging order is opened that prevents losses to grow further. In order to compensate the resulting drawdown, the volume of the next order is increased. EA places new pending order on the borders of the updated trading channel and waits for the next breakout.


Tests: https://yadi.sk/d/knMkW1Qh3MYfYh


How to proceed?

1. Open a new account with the partnership code of ARGOLab (see the details below).
2. Send an email to  info@argolab.net  with the subject “Rythm Fx” and the number of the account.
3. You will receive by email the Rythm Fx, authorized for this account number.
4. Start trading and earn profits!
The EA can also work on any demo account!


Details for different brokers

Roboforex  Open a new trading account with the partnership code vcyt

Fxopen Open a new trading account with the partnership code 620421

instaforex  Open a new trading account with the partnership code FHSO


You can also buy an EA, write in support.



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