How to get maximum price quotes from your broker? is not a secret that the price feeds of different brokers are different and sometimes quite substantially. You can proof this easily by yourself, by examining two MT4 strategy tester’s reports obtained with the same robot but with different price quotes. What to do with it? From one point of view, a good robot should trade equally well on different (all) price feeds. This well might be but… trading of the same robot on various brokers is different nevertheless.

The reasonable idea is to get the exact price quotes from your broker and test your advisor on them. That is where problems start. We would need M1 timeframe quotes, in order to get modeling quality of 90% in the strategy tester. Higher timeframes, in fact, are not needed, since they can be easily produced from M1. So let us get M1 quotes from our broker.

We will soon see that it is not so easy. Let’s download the new terminal MT4 from the broker Roboforex. Open EURUSD chart with M1 timeframe and press the HOME button, thereby downloading quotes from the broker (you may also use this script if your hand starts to fall off). After some time, M1 chart stops to respond to the Home key, which means that the broker does not allow you to get any more quotes. Check the date – we have downloaded about two months of M1 quotes.
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How much weighs the currency pair? you ever heard about the fact that the currency pairs (and the other tools on the market – metals, CFD, etc.) have different weights? No? Well, now you will know.

Let us see what is meant by the weight of the currency pair. Suppose we have developed a trading strategy that works on different currency pairs (a good strategy must work on different pairs). The question is: “Should we work on all pairs with the same lot or it should be changed depending on the trading pair?” If the second answer is correct how we can do that? As you probably guessed, the correct answer is the second one. Thus, if we have to sell one currency by larger lot, than the other, so the first will be called a heavy pair and the second – a light pair.

Let us consider carefully how the trading lot may depends on the working pair? Firstly, the price of one pip varies in different pairs – i.e., orders of different pairs opened with the same lot size and the same take-profit and stop-loss (in points) will bring us different profits/losses.

Secondly, different pairs have different volatility. Let us say we trade GBPCAD and AUDNZD on D1. Volatility of GBPCAD is significantly higher than volatility of AUDNZD – and therefore it is necessary to put larger stops, but also the potential profit is also higher. Our question may be resolved on the next way. In order to compare the weight of two currency pairs, we need to calculate the possible profit for each of them when prices pass the range that is equal to the average volatility of the selected time frame, and then to take their ratio.

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Trade Copy Expert Advisor extends your trading horizons


Many brokers and third-party services allow you to copy trades of successful and semi-successful traders to your account. But today to talk about something different. Let’s ask ourselves “How can I copy my own trades from one MetaTrader4 terminal to another? Is it possible to copy trades from several different terminals and to transfer them to one terminal? “

These tasks could be easily solved with the TradeCopy EA.

First of all, it is necessary to understand why you may need to copy trades at all.

The most trivial example is that you trading the same trading system on several terminals simultaneously. Imagine that you have your personal account; in addition you are trading on a PAMM account and on a separate account for selling signals (e.g., You open the same trades in three terminals, but due to different accounts balances, all trades need to have different lot sizes. You are wasting precious seconds to calculate the lot size and to open orders on each of the accounts and, as a result, do not always achieve the result you are aiming at.

TradeCopy EA allows you to work on your favorite account and automatically transfer your orders to other accounts. The lot size of the trading orders in the other terminals MT4 is automatically recalculated by EA.

It is common knowledge that trading on a demo or on a small account can significantly reduce the emotional stress of the trader. With TradeCopy EA, you can trade on a demo account and copy all transactions to the real account, thereby reducing your emotional pressure.

Some commercial Expert Advisors can be used on a limited number of accounts or only on demo accounts. By using TradeCopy EA you can duplicate all their trading transactions to one or several real accounts. Having an EA trading on a demo account, you could copy its trades to multiple terminals and even share them with friends and colleagues.

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Expert Advisor ArgoAverager

ArgoAverageEA_8Expert Advisor ArgoAverager 1.4 — automatic averager of your trades.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2014

Producer: ARGO Lab

License: Freeware / Donateware

Timeframe: any

Purpose: trade assistant/averager

Recommended brokersRoboForex, Forex4you, instaforex,  Alpari, FxOpen

VPS: myForexVPS , myFXvps


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SRLevelsArgo: Mathematically exact determination of Support and Resistance Levels of price

0011The topic of the present article is automatic determination of the key levels of price, known also as Support and Resistance levels. For many experienced traders, these levels are among the most important elements in their trading strategies. In particular, Support and Resistance levels are the basic tool in the wide class of trading methods known as Price Action. Some traders are convinced that for obtaining the best results, one needs to determine the price levels manually. It might be so – at least, for experienced trades – but even for them it might be useful to compare the results of their analysis with the opinion of an independent and competent automatic expert.

There are plenty of indicators developed for automatic determination of price levels, many of which are available free of charge. However, I haven’t met so far an indicator that satisfies my needs and quality criteria. Some indicators draw too few levels, and some draw too many. Some indicators use rather crude algorithms (the most popular approach is based on fractals and their generalizations), and some overload and hang up even the powerful computers.

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AccountStatArgo: All statistics of your account on one screen.

box_accountstatargoFrom time to time all of us need to analyze the trades that have been made on our account for some period of time. We need this regardless if we are trading manually or with Expert Advisors, or both. Specifically for this purpose we developed a simple utility AccountStatArgo which will tell you all what you need to know about your trades.

Let us think, what kind of information do we need? First of all, we need profit and loss in $ and in pips for each instrument (currency pair) we traded. If we trade manually, this might be all, since individual manual trades are usually not “marked”. However, if trading is done with Expert Advisors, their orders are usually marked by so-called “magic numbers”. Magic numbers, or just magics, are the internal numbers assigned to each trading order, so that Expert Advisor can distinguish his own trades from other trades. In this case, we can sort the trades by currency pair AND by magic. Such table would give us clear information how much profit and loss each of Expert Advisors earned for each of the currency pairs. AccountStatArgo does exactly this: it shows you the statistics of your trades, sorted by currency pair only, or by currency pair and magic.

Note that it is possible to mark the manual trades with magic numbers, too. This might be very convenient if you trade manually two (or more) different strategies and wish to collect statistics on them afterwards. All you have to do in this case is to open your trades by scripts, which assign magic numbers to your trades. In this case, AccountStatArgo will show you the statistics on each of your manual strategies.

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StatCollect: learn to know the market.

dreamstime_s_222Many of us regularly spend long hours looking at price charts trying to get some clue what the hell the market is doing now and where it will move next. But how much do we actually know about the market? Most traders tend to rely on some subjective conclusions based on their own trading experience and/or dubious wisdom picked up on various forums and chats. Only few traders make attempts to analyze the market basing on some well-defined criteria, and from those who try, only a few get any useful results that can be applied to the actual trading.

Today I will present an example of the market analysis that might be useful for anyone who trades any kind of grid martingale system. Moreover, I will provide a tool that can be used for further investigations of any currency pair you might wish to analyze. It might be that your analysis will be more interesting than mine. Let me know! I will be glad if you share your conclusions and observations on our forum.

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Fx Splitter Expert Advisor – conservative martingale with stable profit.

Fx Splitter Expert Advisor is a commercial product of AgroLab, which was highly appreciated by several hundreds of users during 12+ months from the start of official sales.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2012

Actual version: 5.0.0

Manufacturer: ARGO lab

License Type: Commercial, two trading accounts per license

Category Advisor: a counter-trend, martingale


Timeframe: any (the results do not depend on the timeframe). It is convenient to attach EA to the H1 timeframe.

Trading time: 24/5

Entry type: market orders

Deposit requirements:
from $ 10,000 for USD (EUR) accounts with minimum lot 0.01
from $ 1,000 for cent accounts with a minimum lot 0.1
from $ 100 for cent accounts with minimum lot 0.01

Recommended Brokers:RoboForexForex4youinstaforex,  AlpariFxOpen

Official site:

Trading strategy:
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Strategy Quant: create your own Grail.

Every trader on the Forex market dreams to create their own unique trading strategy or an Expert Adviser. Forex trading is often compared with a game of chess. The size of the chess field is quite small and the number of chess pieces is limited – but the number of different combinations of moves is close to infinity. It is similar with trading on the forex market. A backtest of a strategy based on two indicators for the period of 2-3 years by hand will take a few days. It will be faster and more accurate to let your computer to do the job. But what if the trader is not very good at programming in the MQL4 language?

Strategy Quant is a program that automatically generates new unique trading strategies for forex, stocks or CFDs.  Using Strategy Quant, you can find profitable trading strategies for virtually any market, any timeframe and any chart type. No programming skills or trading knowledge is required. You no longer need to pay a programmer to implement your trading ideas.
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