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Many brokers and third-party services allow you to copy trades of successful and semi-successful traders to your account. But today to talk about something different. Let’s ask ourselves “How can I copy my own trades from one MetaTrader4 terminal to another? Is it possible to copy trades from several different terminals and to transfer them to one terminal? “

These tasks could be easily solved with the TradeCopy EA.

First of all, it is necessary to understand why you may need to copy trades at all.

The most trivial example is that you trading the same trading system on several terminals simultaneously. Imagine that you have your personal account; in addition you are trading on a PAMM account and on a separate account for selling signals (e.g., You open the same trades in three terminals, but due to different accounts balances, all trades need to have different lot sizes. You are wasting precious seconds to calculate the lot size and to open orders on each of the accounts and, as a result, do not always achieve the result you are aiming at.

TradeCopy EA allows you to work on your favorite account and automatically transfer your orders to other accounts. The lot size of the trading orders in the other terminals MT4 is automatically recalculated by EA.

It is common knowledge that trading on a demo or on a small account can significantly reduce the emotional stress of the trader. With TradeCopy EA, you can trade on a demo account and copy all transactions to the real account, thereby reducing your emotional pressure.

Some commercial Expert Advisors can be used on a limited number of accounts or only on demo accounts. By using TradeCopy EA you can duplicate all their trading transactions to one or several real accounts. Having an EA trading on a demo account, you could copy its trades to multiple terminals and even share them with friends and colleagues.


The only limitation of Trade Copy EA is that it should be installed on the same computer or VPS as the terminals to which you wish to copy your trades. Even this limitation can be circumvented, as I will tell you below.

TradeCopy EA allows you to copy trades from multiple terminals and combine them on a single account.
Suppose you use several EAs on different accounts. With TradeCopy, you are able to copy all trades to a single account.


It is possible even to create a separate network by copying signals from the different sources and grouping them in various combinations.


The major point is not to get confused about where from and where to and which trades are copied.

If your trading is not yet profitable and most of your transactions bring you losses, TradeCopy EA has the function for reversing your trades. It means that when you open a long position on the master account, a short position will be opened on the slave account. And vice versa. So even your losing trades might bring you profit!

TradeCopy installation instructions:

1. Download the archive, unpack it.

2. Copy the file GlobalVariable.dll to a folder Windows/system32 (WinXP) or Windows/system, if you have Win7 / Vista.

3. Copy the file AccountExport-EA.ex4 to the Data Folder/Experts directory of the master MT4 terminal (s), from which traders will be copied.

4. Copy the file AccountImport-EA.ex4  to the Data Folder/Experts directory of the master MT4 terminal (s), where traders will be copied.

5. In MT4 terminal, go to Tools> Settings> Advisers and check up several settings:

6. Click OK.

7. Attach EA to any chart (Pair / timeframe is not important). Now all trades from the master terminal (with AccountExport-EA) will be copied to the slave terminal (with AccountImport-EA).



Account Export EA (from where the trade will be copied)

System: the name of the master terminal (can be arbitrary)

HourShiftGMT: GMT offset of yje broker: How to set the correct GMT offset

PairPrefix: if your broker uses the prefix in the names of pairs, for example mEURUSD, then set PairPrefix =“m”

PairSuffix: if your broker uses the suffix in the names of pairs, for example EURUSDfx, then set PairSuffix =“fx”
ReverseTrades: enable to reverse trades

Account Import EA (where to the trades will be copied)

SlaveNames: the name of the terminal (s) from which transactions will be copied. Specify it in the master EA (AccountExport.ex4)

MyMagic: Magic number for copied trades

Lots: lots size

LotDigits: number of decimal digits in the lot size (i.e. the number of digits after the decimal points in the lot size: if your minimal lot is 0.1 set it to 1; if 0.01 then set it to 2).
MinLots: minimum lot size that will be used for trading
MaxLots: maximal lot size that will be used for trading

ExportLots: When the option True is enabled, the lot size will be copied from the master terminal / false permit only your own lot size

ExportLotMultiply: a multiplier for parameter ExportLots

MaximumRisk: money management (input risk per trade in %) if FixedLot = false

FixedLot: true / false – if you disable this option (false), then MM will be used instead of a fixed lot

Slippage: allowed slippage for orders (in points)

MaxMarketDiff: maximum allowed difference of copied trade open price and market price (in points)

Wait4ValidMarketDiff: true – if you enable this option, trade can be opened later if the price returns to the opening price before the ExpireMinutes time / false – if MarketDiff is not valid then trade is skipped

ExpireMinutes: the parameter defines how long signal of the master terminal will be valid (don’t copy old transactions) / if 0 – disabled feature

NumberTries: number of attempts to open / close trades

StopLimitOrders: true / false – copy pending orders or not

PendingSLTP: this parameter is similar to ECN – if true than it send first market order without SL/TP and only then add SL/TP

Wait4TPSL: if true, do not close your position if the master trade is closed by TP or SL

Wait4TPSLMktClose: if true, do not close the position if the master order was closed by market (wait for TP or SL)

SL_InPoints: true – set SL in points equal to slave SL, false – set SL as price levels of slave order

TP_InPoints: true – set TP in points equal to slave TP, false – set TP as price levels of slave order

TP_adjust: see TP_InPoints

SL_adjust: see SL_InPoints

Own_TPSL: if true set own SL and TP

OwnTP: own take profit pip value

OwnSL: own stop-loss pip value

TradeBuySide: if true than allow copying buy side orders

TradeSellSide: if true than allow copying sell side orders

closeAllNow: if true than the expert close all orders immediately

Let’s go back to the limitation that all terminals should be located on a single computer or VPS server. Haven’t you forgotten about existence of investor password? You can use the investor password to transfer trades to any computer or VPS server. Just start trading on any account. Then open this account on a different computer with the investor password, install there TradeCopy EA and copy trades from this terminal to different terminals on this computer! Such manipulation allows you to share your signals between friends without giving them access to your account.

An example is presented on the screenshot below.


The main trading platform

The terminal is opened with Investor password and the expert is set

Open another terminal and receive a signal on it

Test TradeCopy on the demo accounts first to get fully comfortable with the way it works and only then try yourself on the real one.


Download EA Trade Copy

rewriting: Hannay

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