Tricky Twister Expert Advisor – two trading strategies in a pack.

Tricky Twister forex Expert Advisor (trading robot) is a commercial product of the ARGOlab team, with the trading history of over a year confirmed by independent monitorings. This Expert Advisor (EA) contains two independent, non-overlapping trading strategies, which can be used together as well as separately. Combining together two complementary trading strategies, this EA is able to trade in the direction of the general trend as well as in the counter-trend regime, thus obtaining steady profits in different market conditions.

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Year: 2013

Current version: 4.3.2

Producer: ARGO lab

License: commercial

Category: martingale, trend-following and counter-trend


Timeframe: any (trading results do not depend on the timeframe); H1 is a convenient choice

Trading time: 24/5

Entries: first entry by market order, the following entries by pending orders

Minimal deposit requirements:
from 10,000$ for USD or EUR accounts with minimal lot 0.01
from 1,00$ for USD cent or EUR cent accounts with minimal lot 0.1
from 100$ for USD cent or EUR cent accounts with minimal lot 0.01

Recommended brokers: RoboForexForex4youinstaforex,  AlpariFxOpen

Official web-site:

Trading results

Trading strategy:

We all know that market has two main states: the trending state, when the price moves predominantly in one direction, and the ranging (flat market) state, when the price does not show any preferred direction. According to these two market states, the trading robots are usually divided into two classes: the trend-following ones and the counter-trend ones. The trend-following EAs obtain their profits during the directional movements of the price and accumulate drawdown during the flat-market times. On the contrary, the counter-trend EAs earn their profits when the price pulls back after a move and accumulate drawdown during the directional moves. The main idea of Tricky Twister EA is to combine two practically independent trading robots, one of which is the trend-following one and another, the counter-trend one. Such combination allows Tricky Twister to obtain steady profits both in the trending market and in the flat market. Beside this, the combination of two strategies distributes the marginal load on the deposit more evenly and reduces the trading risks.

Some currency pairs are known to spend more time in one preferable state: either the trending or the ranging one. For such pairs it might be advantageous to trade only one of the two strategies – the one that suits the character of this currency pair best.

The first trading strategy of Tricky Twister (BreakOut) does not use any indicators and is based purely on Price Action. The main ides is that the price will eventually move either up or down from the current price level. So, EA places the first trade in the direction of the trend. If the price continues in this direction, we get a quick profit. If the price reverses, the trade is closed and the opposite trade (with a larger volume) is opened. The process is repeated until the price leaves the trading channel, thus bringing us the target profit we aim for. An important point is that we do not care in which direction the price breaks the channel, up or down: either way will bring us the target profit. This strategy works best on the trending market. During the flat period, EA will accumulate drawdown, which will be compensated (with a surplus profit) when price breaks out from the trading channel.

The second strategy of Tricky Twister (Range) trades in the direction opposite to the last move of the price, so it is a counter-trend strategy. EA opens the first trade after a fast move of the price away from its moving average. In most cases, the price tends to return to its average value, which brings us a quick profit. If the price continues in the direction against the trade, EA will increase the total position by adding more trades in the same direction. So, this strategy uses a variant of the grid martingale system. The difference from many other grid martingale EAs on the market is that Tricky Twister trades the grid martingale more conservatively than most. First, the first trade is opened when price is already far away from its moving average and, second, the lot multiplication factor used by Tricky Twister is rather low. Depending on the currency pair, settings and the number of opened orders, Tricky Twister uses the lot multiplication factors in the range from 1.1 to 1.6.

Modifications: Fx and Duo

Twicky Twister EA is provided in two modifications: Tricky Twister Fx (basic version) and Tricky Twister Duo (advanced version). Difference between Duo and Fx is that Duo is able to support simultaneously two BreakOut strategies, shifted one from another. Using two shifted copies of the BreakOut strategy allowed us to improve the performance of the EA or to reduce the trading risks.


Trickey Twister is distributed with pre-stored settings for different currency pairs. At present, the following settings are provided for our users:

EURUSD: BreakOut + Range, two kinds of settings with different levels of aggressiveness
GBPUSD: BreakOut + Range, two kinds of settings with different levels of aggressiveness
EURUSD: BreakOut Slave (Duo only)
GBPUSD: BreakOut Slave (Duo only)

Trading results

Attention: special offer

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